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5 Trends for Fall 2017 (2)

Two of the coolest parts of going to FIT in New York are being able to see fashion week's runways and streetstyle firsthand, as well as having access to tons of fashion knowledge that the college pays for its students to have. With NYFW just passing, and fall seasons starting, I wanted to take the time to search out some of the trend forecasting sights and see not just what's trending for this current fall, but look ahead to whats coming next. It's much easier to splurge on that gorgeous pair of suede boots, or Italian silk scarf, when you know it will still be en vogue next season!

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5 Blogs You Should Be Following (1)

Finding a really good blog that you can constantly read is a treasure, whether they're fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or career, there are blogs to suit every niche and interest! I follow my favorite blogs on Bloglovin' (their app is amazing) and check them every morning during breakfast, and usually before I go to bed. Here's a few of my favorite blogs and why I love them:

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