Fall Trend Report: Neck Scarves (3)

My favorite accessory of the moment is no secret, and it's definitely catching on for the upcoming fall season! While it's a little hot out right now to be sporting a neck scarf (unless you're committed like myself and a few fashionistas I snapped) you'll definitely see them popping up in stores, and around people's necks soon!

First, while grabbing brunch with two of my old roommates, I noticed Soobin's gorgeous little knotted scarf (She's the most effortlessly stylish person alive) and had to take a picture for this post. It's so understated but adds interest to an all-black outfit!

Next, I went into a few Zara's to try and find people wearing scarves (yes, I felt insane walking around hunting for people in scarves) and while I only found one lady wearing one, they had a whole wall of silky gems just waiting! (and they we're only $13, SCORE!)

I can always count on my J.Crew co-workers to be on-trend, and everyone in the store, guys and gals alike, are obsessed with our new bandannas and silk scarves! Pop one on with a button down, sweater, T-shirt, anything!



FM223Audra Koch