5 Trends for Fall 2017 (2)

Two of the coolest parts of going to FIT in New York are being able to see fashion week's runways and streetstyle firsthand, as well as having access to tons of fashion knowledge that the college pays for its students to have. With NYFW just passing, and fall seasons starting, I wanted to take the time to search out some of the trend forecasting sights and see not just what's trending for this current fall, but look ahead to whats coming next. It's much easier to splurge on that gorgeous pair of suede boots, or Italian silk scarf, when you know it will still be en vogue next season!

1. Neck Scarves

One of my absolute favorite trends (which I currently sport, check out the post HERE) is the silk scarf. Whether it's crazy long, tied in an oversized bow, tied tightly around the neck, or twisted in some crazy knot, a scarf adds so much flair to an otherwise simple outfit, no wonder the Parisians are tres chic! 

2. Military Jackets

If there's one thing that Gigi x Tommy taught us this season, it's that military is BACK. Grab that Napoleon-esque peacoat, stack on a cap and some boots and go to battle! (or to work.... that too) If you havent seen that new Gigi x Tommy collection, check it out HERE!

3. Chunky Sweater

Who doesn't love curling up in a cozy chunky sweater when it's freezing outside? Well in Fall '17, the bigger, the better! Pick up a few enormous chunky knits (bonus points if there's more than one knit-type (see picture 3)) and wear them with your coziest leggings, I prefer Lou & Grey ones above all, they're seriously the softest!

4. Suede Accessories 

Suede thigh-high boots have already started making their way into fashion (and I'm dying for a pair!) but in the coming seasons, suede is going to cover bags, jackets, accessories, everything! Maybe not weather-proof, but oh so gorgeous! 

5. Metallic Shoes

Loafers and block-heeled booties have been making a splash as of late, but how do you make them more interesting? Make them metallic of course! From bright gold and silver, to bronzey and rosey hues, add a little flair to your feet with a pair of kicks in your favorite flashy tone! I'm personally eyeing up a pair of classic gold loafers from ASOS!

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