5 Blogs You Should Be Following (1)

Finding a really good blog that you can constantly read is a treasure, whether they're fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or career, there are blogs to suit every niche and interest! I follow my favorite blogs on Bloglovin' (their app is amazing) and check them every morning during breakfast, and usually before I go to bed. Here's a few of my favorite blogs and why I love them:

Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily posts about fashion, beauty, career, blogging, personal growth, and so much more. The writing style makes you feel empowered, and it is one of my favorite blogs to come back to when I need a little motivation 

I Covet Thee

Alix is a duel Blogger-YouTuber that I can't get enough of! I watch her YouTube videos while I get ready in the mornings and her makeup looks, tips, and recommendations are fabulous. Her style is always gorgeous, and it doesn't hurt that we have a similar skin-type, complexion, and taste is makeup (glow-girls unite!). You can check out her blog here, and her YouTube channel here  

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Kate La Vie

Kate is another Blogger-Youtuber who takes the most gorgeous, Pintrest-worthy pictures. Her white-based and pastel dotted photos will leave you with a higher standard for your new Instagram pics. Plus, her beauty reviews and makeup looks are lovely! I love her Spring Makeup Look post and Evening Routine video. 

The Lipstick Fever

Em has some of the best style posts I've seen, and I would love to steal whoever does her photography, because it's stunning! In addition to killing streetstyle game, she also has great posts on Travel and places to eat in NYC (She even reviewed Javelina, which is one of my absolute favorites!)

Media Marmalade

Melissa is a British fashion and lifestyle blogger whom I've been following for quite a while. I love her slightly undone, grungy yet feminine style, and her lifestyle posts are a great boost in the mornings (not to mention her stunning pictures!) Plus, if you're a blogger as well, her posts on blogging and photography have helped me so much over the past year!

What are your favorite blogs? (No really, I'm always looking for new ones!)



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