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Clinking of glasses, a light chatter of excitement running through the room, racks and racks of pre-season collections just waiting to be worn. Trunk Shows are an amazing way to showcase upcoming collections, and can be very important parts of a brand or retailer's strategy. One retailer that I want to focus on today is particularly special, because trunk shows are the only thing they do.

Lyn Baan

Lyn Baan

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Suite 1521 is an exclusive private salon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that hosts trunk shows from luxury designers, so clients can pre-order custom garments right off the runway. Sales representatives, or often the designer themselves, are present to meet with clients and help them create a personalized wardrobe from some of the best designer collections in the world. 

This form of showing and shopping is fantastic for both the retailer and the customer, because the customer gets an extraordinary level of customer service and access to extremely exclusive merchandise. Retailers, in return get a fiercely loyal customer base. 

I was lucky enough to have interned there in Spring 2016, and got to see these trunk shows in action (as well as try on some pretty amazing clothes!) and while this format of retailing might never be the most dominant form, it is definitely one with a lot of perks for those who can afford it! 

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