The Butcher's Daughter

The Butcher's Daughter
The Butcher's Daughter

Eating vegetarian has never tasted so good. The Butchers Daughter has a way of making fruits and veggies the main course instead of side dishes, and their protein of choice, eggs, are to die for! They have two locations in NYC (Nolita and West Village) and one in LA.

Like most chic NYC spots, menus vary from location to location, and Nolita has always been my favorite (for both the food and the area!) It's a great place for a brunch or lunch with your girlfriends, and usually has a much shorter wait than Jacks Wife Freda around the corner! 

Everything from the avocado toast to their house-made pressed juices is fantastic, though I wholeheartedly recommend their Monterrey Eggs. (I dream about them regularly). 

Audra's Picks

Monterrey Eggs - Nolita

Avocado Toast with Egg - All

Surfer Breakfast - LA (but NYC locations will make it if you ask!)