7 Best Coffee Shops in Manhattan

Best Coffee Shops in Manhattan

If there's one thing I love just as much as New York, it's coffee. Luckily, the city has some pretty amazing coffee spots all around that offer slightly different brews, atmospheres, and experiences. So whether you're a season New Yorker or just visiting the city, skip the Starbucks habit and hit up a local NYC coffee shop instead!

10 Best Coffee Shops in Manhattan - Cafe Grumpy Manhattan
10 Best Coffee Shops in Manhattan - Cafe Grumpy

1. Cafe Grumpy

Roasted in Brooklyn and served in seven locations all over NYC, Cafe Grumpy has unique coffee and the quiet, relaxing atmosphere that makes you forget you're in the heart of the busiest city on earth. It's a great place to catch up with friends or catch up on emails, and with 6 of their locations being in Manhattan, there's definitely one in your neighborhood. 

Best Coffee Shops in Manhattan - Birch Coffee

2. Birch Coffee

One of my personal favorites, Birch coffee has a unique flavor that's almost earthy and their entire business is centered around being a place for people to come and connect, read, converse, and drink coffee that benefits every person from tractor to table. You'll find me at their Flatiron location chatting with friends or catching up on some work, though there are a total of 8 locations scattered throughout NYC. 

best coffee shops in manhattan - madman espresso

3. Madman Espresso

Founded by a guy with the coolest mustache, Madman is another coffee shop that's dedicated to sustainably sourced coffee, and friendly environments. It's a little more of a grab-and-go type place, though it has a few seats, and it serves Dough doughnuts (The. best.). If you need a quick cup and pastry as you run to work, school, anywhere, Madman's 4 locations have your back. 

best coffee shops in manhattan - hudson cafe

4. Hudson Cafe

Seated right near Jane St and the Hudson River in the lower Meatpacking district, Hudson Cafe is one of my favorite spots to go either pre or post blog shoot. It's quiet, has huge windows for tons of light, and cute light decor complete with honeycomb tile floors and white marble tables. It's a little more off-the-beaten-path, and usually filled with locals rather than tourists.

best coffee shops in manhattan - underline coffee
best coffee shops in manhattan - underline coffee

5. Underline Coffee

Another stand alone shop is Underline, which is right underneath the Highline Park between 10th and 11th St (take the 14th street exit if on the highline). It's a pretty small shop, but their coffee is some of the best I've had, and it's great to grab a to-go cup and walk the Highline!

best coffee shops in manhattan - maison kayser
best coffee shops in manhattan - maison kayser

6. Maison Kayser

Though technically more of a cafe than a coffee shop, Maison Kayser has some of the best coffee and pastries (and I can vouch for their quiche as well) and a ton of locations around manhattan for a brunch, lunch, or pick-me-up. 

Best coffee shops in manhattan - kobrick coffee

7. Kobrick Coffee

A little fancier than the rest, Kobrick is a great spot for a light brunch or coffee with your girls or makes a cute date spot! (Plus, their white marble tables are perfect for that insta pic, just don't do it while on the date) It's seated in the heart of Meatpacking, my favorite area, and I can attest that their cappuccino is pretty dang good.