Glossier Black Tie Set

Glossier has pushed farther into the makeup realm and created a gorgeous set of essentials, called the Black Tie Set, to accent and enhance the natural glow that their skincare products have already created for so many cult-followers. Their skin-first makeup-second mantra has created a popular idea about makeup that they should aim to enhance, not hide. 

Keep reading to see each of the Black Tie Set pieces and why each one is so great!

Glossier Black Tie Set Nail Polish
Glossier Black Tie Set No 1 pencil eyeliner and lipgloss

No. 1 Pencil

Finally, a glide-on almost-black liner that works beautifully for tightlining, lash-lining, waterlining, and any other lining you could possibly need! Plus, it has a smudging tip at the opposite end to easily make those crisp lines into a sexy smoked-out eye.


I already love this lovely little dew-stick in it's Rose Quartz formula, but Moonstone is beginning to pose a rival. While the other two options (third being Topaz) add a hint of color to your highlight, Moonstone is straight wet-effect-dew which I apply liberally daily. 

Lip Gloss 

Remember in middle school when lip gloss was all the rage? It was incredibly sticky and gloopy and caught your hair every 6 seconds? Well it's new, improved, and back in style. While I would still reccomend pairing this gloss with a sleek bun or pony (a certain level of stickiness is mandatory) it's no longer gloopy or at all uncomfortable to wear! It feels moisturizing and looks stunning!

Nail Polish

The perfect opaque pale-pink with a curved brush to make painting your own nails almost fool-proof. Even better, two coats with no top is completely opaque, and super long lasting! Plus, it looks just as flattering on pale skin, olive tones, and dark skin!

You can buy the entire set Here, or click the names of each above to purchase separately!



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