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Guide to New York City in 3 Days

I get texts and DM's all the time about places to go and places to eat from people visiting New York. After living there for two years, I do know a few places, but to make it easier, I decided to write out a 3-day trip plan for visiting NYC! I won't cover every single thing you could possibly do (because you'd need an entire month to do everything!) but some of the best highlights are in here, as well as a few off-the-tourist-path spots. These are just suggestions! If you really want to visit the Met or spend a day in Brooklyn, do it! It's your trip! But here's my suggested plan:

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The Butcher's Daughter

Eating vegetarian has never tasted so good. The Butchers Daughter has a way of making fruits, veggies the main course instead of side dishes, and their protein of choice, eggs, are to die for! They have two locations in NYC (Nolita and West Village) and one in LA. Like most chic NYC spots, menus vary from location to location, and Nolita has always been my favorite (for both the food and the area!)

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Jack's Wife Freda

One of Soho's chicest cafes, this place is packed from open to close with the most fashionable crowd in Manhattan. Besides the people watching, and the gorgeous atmosphere, the food here will blow your mind. Owners Dean and Maya immigrated from South Africa and Israel respectively, and NY Mag accurately describes the menu as "South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cuisine" with fried zucchini in smoked-paprika aioli, tomatillo shakshuka (my favorite), and a rosewater waffle with Lebanese yogurt that can cure any rough morning. (or afternoon, or night....)

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