Jack's Wife Freda

One of Soho's chicest cafes, this place is packed from open to close with the most fashionable crowd in Manhattan. Besides the people watching, and the gorgeous atmosphere, the food here will blow your mind. Owners Dean and Maya immigrated from South Africa and Israel respectively, and NY Mag accurately describes the menu as "South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cuisine" with fried zucchini in smoked-paprika aioli, tomatillo shakshuka (my favorite), and a rosewater waffle with Lebanese yogurt that can cure any rough morning. (or afternoon, or night....)

There are 2 locations on Lafayette and Carmine (though I am extremely partial to the Lafayette location, as they have separate menus)

Audra's Picks:

Rosewater Waffle with Lebenese Yogurt

Green Shakshuka

Prego Roll

Cantaloupe Mimosa