The Grey Dog

The Grey Dog NYC
The Grey Dog NYC

I'm starting a new section here on SNY! NYC has some of the best restaurants in the world, and while I'm not often eating at 5-star restaurants, I do know a few off-the-beaten-path places and hyped-up cafes that are worth checking out! To start out, I'm going to tell y'all about one of my favorite places, The Grey Dog. 

The Grey Dog is a favorite spot of my friends and mine for a casual breakfast or lunch. The food is amazing, with comfort foods like pancakes, warm press sandwiches, and the best soups in town, you can't go wrong here. The atmosphere is warm and home-like, and the staff is always friendly, making this the perfect spot to dig in and relax on a Sunday morning.

I've brought almost every person who has come to visit me here, because it shows that even in our hectic city-that-never-sleeps, someone is still serving pie and brownies right out of the pan. 

There are 4 locations in Chelsea, Union Sq, West Village, and Nolita. See their full Menu Here

Audra's Favorites:

Village Pancakes

Egg & Cheese Croissant with Bacon

Grilled Chicken Press Sandwich



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