How to Dress Like a Paris Fashion Week Girl

How to Dress Like a Paris Fashion Week Girl

Twice a year, the world’s most fashionable people flock to Paris for Fashion Week, all dressed to the nines in the latest trends. But Parisian women, long regarded as the most stylish of them all, still keep a few styling rules which keep them looking chic from dawn till dusk. If you want to dress like the effortlessly chic Parisienne, here are a few guidelines:


Make it Monochrome

French women are known for their simplicity, and since this fashion month has been all about bold colors, marry the two ideas and go for a monochromatic look. Whether that’s head-to-toe millennial pink, classic navy, or vivid clementine, keep the color consistent in every piece. Try playing with some proportions to add interest! A chunky sweater French-tucked into a well-fitting pant or skirt is always a winner!

Borrow From the Boys

There’s nothing more classically Parisian than grabbing a masculine inspired piece. French fashion has always been a little androgynous, plus, there’s nothing chic-er than a well fitting blazer or cigarette pant. Channel your inner Bridget Bardot and don’t shy away from typically masculine styles.

Ditch the Heels

Parisian girls can’t be bothered to navigate the cobblestones in stilettos. Opt for a stylish pair of flats or a trendy short-heeled boot instead! You’ll be able to tackle a full day without ever being in pain, and that is always en Vogue.

Au Naturale, But With A Twist

French girls keep their makeup as natural as possible. Glowing skin and bright eyes are essential, so make sure to nourish your skin and fan out those lashes. But fashion week girls always bring the unexpected, so throw in a fun lip color (bright orange, might I suggest?) or a streak of cobalt blue eyeliner. Make it fun!

Play With Texture

French girls keep prints and patterns to a minimum, (unless it’s a crisp nautical stripe) They experiment with contrasting textures instead! Match suede with chiffon, leather with lace, Denim with silk. You’ll fit right in with the effortlessly chic Parisienne.