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How To Dress Designer On A Budget

Ever since I was old enough to spend my chore money on Vogue, I’ve been in love with designer fashion, and after studying and working in the industry for four years, I’ve found an even deeper appreciation for the creativity, craftsmanship, and talent that goes into high end fashion.  

These clothes will last for years and years, and they’re more ethically and sustainability made than their cheap, fast fashion counterparts.  

The one downside is, of course, the price tag. For those of us (like me!) who live on a pretty strict budget, it’s hard to justify retail prices. But I’ve been able to curate a pretty decent closet of designer items, and today I’m spilling all my secrets.

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How to Dress Like a Paris Fashion Week Girl

Twice a year, the world’s most fashionable people flock to Paris for Fashion Week, all dressed to the nines in the latest trends. But Parisian women, long regarded as the most stylish of them all, still keep a few styling rules which keep them looking chic from dawn till dusk. If you want to dress like the effortlessly chic Parisienne, here are a few guidelines:

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Trending Tuesday: Statement Coats

The coldest parts of winter are upon us, but just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean that you can’t still look great. The easiest way to beat the cold and look stylish: Statement Coats. Anything from bold colors to leopard print, whether it’s felt or fur! I’ve rounded up some of the cutest statement coats all under $150!

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Trending Tuesday: Berets

We’re heading into the colder months of the year, which means it’s almost time for my favorite accessory! I developed a love of berets more through necessity, traveling Europe in the winter, and needing warm and versatile accessories, but they have blown up as a trend, and there are so many fun variations above and beyond just changing colors!

Leather, pearls, embroidery, there are so many ways to turn a simple, chic cold weather accessory into a statement piece in an outfit!

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Trending Tuesday: Velvet

The fashion world has been obsessed with this plush fabric for some time now, and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

Good new is, this trend is totally wearable for every girl and every occasion. Holiday party coming up? Velvet LBD. Going to brunch with friends? Throw on jeans and a velvet tee shirt. Want to make workwear more fun? Add velvet shoes or a velvet blazer!

Whatever the occasion, there’s tons of amazing velvet options to choose from below!

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