6 Ways To Kickstart Your Creativity

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All creative types will know that there are times you seem to be exploding with ideas and creating like there’s no tomorrow, but there are other times when you can’t seem to think of a single thing, or everything you do just doesn’t feel right. 

So for anyone who may be stuck in a creative rut, here are 6 proven ways to kickstart that creativity back into gear:  

6 ways to kickstart your creativity


 Change Your Scenery | The easiest way to get out of  rut is to just change your space! Whether that’s taking a walk around the park, or working from a coffee shop or co-working space instead of your home. Switching up your surroundings can do so much to spark both creativity and productivity.

Take a Breather | Sometimes we can put too much pressure on ourselves in the moment, so just take a short break. Write in a journal, take a walk, draw / paint / color something without aim. (I love this Color Me Stress Free book) Taking ten or fifteen minutes to do something relaxing but still creative may spark inspiration!

6 ways to kickstart your creativity

Collaborate With Others | Find someone in your field, or a similar one, and work together on a creative project! Their point of view will enhance your own, and make you see things through a different lens. Collaborating with other creatives is in my opinion, the best way to reinvigorate and push yourself to be the best you can be!

Sweat a Little | Exercise gets your blood flowing, and releases endorphins and adrenaline that may push you out of a creative rut! If you’re not into a hardcore workout, try some gentle yoga or meditation.

6 ways to kickstart your creativity

Unplug From the Internet | This can be such a difficult thing to do, especially if you’re a blogger/influencer whose job literally IS the internet. But take even a few hours, or one day and just create or search for inspiration without using a screen! Unplug all the tech, and lose yourself in books, art, museums, nature, anything that inspires you!

Make a List | Maybe more for the type-A people out there, but make a list of different ideas you have for projects, and then keep adding to it! Go back and add details to those ideas, keep thinking, keep writing whatever pops into your head, and you’ll end up with a full page of amazing ideas to explore and develop! The key is to write down everything, no idea is bad, just keep going!




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