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Arrivederci Italia

How did four months go by so fast? It seems like just yesterday I hopped off that plane into the 100+ degree Italian heat, and had no idea where I was, or what I was doing! But I'm currently a thousand feet high in the air flying back to the US, and let me tell you, it's the ultimate bittersweet. Leaving for Italy was hard, but leaving Italy is twice as hard. 

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City Guide: Florence

I've had the amazing opportunity to travel Europe, and live in Florence for the past few months, and while I've been posting travel diaries about my experiences, I had a few people ask me if I would do more practical guides and tips for someone planning thier own trips to these cities! I'll be posting guides for each city over the next few months, but I thought the best one to kick it off was the one I know best, Florence!

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Vienna & Budapest

We planned this 6-day East-European adventure pretty early in the semester, so by the time it arrived, I was so excited I could barely contain myself! We flew to Vienna, Austria on Friday afternoon and then took a bus over to Budapest, Hungary early Monday morning, and finally left the beautiful city on Wednesday. This is so far my favorite trip I've been on, and I'm dying to go back to both countries!

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Ciao from Roma! A few friends and I decided to spend a weekend exploring the ancient city, and it was one of my favorite trips so far! It got off to a bit of a bumpy start though...I had been sick all week, so Saturday night I decided to take benedryl and head to bed early, hoping I'd feel better the next day for out train at 8 AM......and then I woke up dazed and confused, at 9. oops! Well I raced to the station, and hopped on the next train to meet my friends, and it all worked out in the end!

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Ciao from fair Verona. My roommates and I spent the weekend exploring this romantic and beautiful little city, and I can say that none of us wanted to leave it! We visited Romeo and Juliet's house, castles, palaces, gardens, and hiked up to Il Belvedere! Check out a few photos I snapped from the weekend and a full Vlog down below!

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Siena & San Gimignano

Ciao! I've finally settled into my apartment and a routine here in Florence, and shortly after moving in, I took a day trip with about 20 other girls in FIT Florence to Siena and San Gimignano! We loaded up a bus at 9 am and spent about two hours in each city, wandering the streets, seeing piazzas and churches, and of course, eating lots of pizza and gelato! Here are some of my favorite pictures from each city!

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