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Ciao from Roma! A few friends and I decided to spend a weekend exploring the ancient city, and it was one of my favorite trips so far! It got off to a bit of a bumpy start though...I had been sick all week, so Saturday night I decided to take benedryl and head to bed early, hoping I'd feel better the next day for out train at 8 AM......and then I woke up dazed and confused, at 9. oops! Well I raced to the station, and hopped on the next train to meet my friends, and it all worked out in the end!

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We had lunch right outside the Colosseum, and afterward we got to skip the lines and go right in thanks to buying our tickets ahead here! It was so cool to stand inside a structure that old, and imagine all the important people that visited before. In Italy right now, it's pretty chilly in the mornings but hot in the afternoon, so I wore a light dress and brought a sweater, plus comfy shoes since we'd be walking so much, and a bag that can carry quite a bit without being bulky! (I liked some good travel dresses + bags and shoes below!)

Audra Koch Rome Italy

After the Colloseum, we walked all around the Roman Forum, which are the still-standing ruins of the ancient Roman political center. It's so cool to see how the ancient architecture inflenced later styles, especially Renaissance architecture in Florence!

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Finally, that night we had dinner at a little restaurant close to the Trevi Fountain called Angelina a Trevi! It was a small quiet place (but be sure to make a reservation!)


We spent our second day in the Vatican City, and took a guided tour through all the museums, the Sistine chapel, and ending with St Peter's Cathedral. I definitely reccomend doing a tour, ours knew so much about every room and artwork! 

Statue of Apollo

Statue of Apollo

Laocoon and sons

Laocoon and sons

Round Statue room in Vatican

Round Statue room in Vatican

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Ceiling in Vatican Gallery

Ceiling in Vatican Gallery

The Sistine Chapel is every bit as beautiful as described! The entire room is covered in masterpeices, and though you're technically not allowed to take photos, I snuck one of the ceiling!

After that, we just strolled through the streets of Rome (which are gorgeous!) and I'm so glad I brought my favorite dress with me! It's great for both chilly and warm weather, it's SO comfy, and so cute! After strolling around, we made one last stop to the Pantheon before catching a late train back to Florence! 

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And that was my weekend in Rome! I'm currently typing this from a hotel in Vienna (and heading to Budapest from here! So stay tuned!)