Guide to Long Haul Flights


I'm definitely no stranger to flying. Between shuttling back and forth between Texas and New York, to my time studying abroad, hopping on flights every weekend, I've learned a thing or two about planes. Whether your flight is 2 hours or 12 hours, here are a few tips to make it a breeze:


What to Wear

I always say it's best to strike a balance between being comfortable, and not looking like a you just rolled out of bed (please people, stop wearing pajamas in airports) Most of the time, I opt for thick leggings, a soft t-shirt. Then, add a layering piece, like a chambray button down (because planes can get COLD!) Cute sneakers like these are perfect, and I ALWAYS bring a blanket scarf, because it's chic off the plane, and during the flight it can be a blanket or pillow!

What to Do

Whether the flight is 4 hours or 14 hours, you'll need something to do (especially if you're me and can't sleep at all on planes!) I usually bring a book or two, and download some podcasts, though I'm more of a movie girl on planes!

A lot of blog posts say to 'catch up on work' or 'tackle that inbox' while you're on a flight, but I'm of the notion that flights are a great chance to unplug, get into a good book, or lay back and listen to your favorite music and relax! 

Beauty Essentials

Another tip: do not wear makeup on planes. period. The dry cabin air is already bad enough, so go bare-faced and bring a moisturizer with you! If you have activities post-flight, bring your makeup bag on with a few multi-taskers, and do your makeup in the last hour of the flight. 

You all know I love Glossier (and I'm a Rep!) so for the perfect 5-minute plane touch-up, I would grab Priming Moisturizer to start, pop a little Stretch Concealer where needed, swipe the lip color Crush across lips and cheeks (Leo also works as a contour on fairer skin!) and then a quick coat of mascara (loving this one) has you looking fresh for disembarkment! 



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