Pixi Glow Tonic Review

Pixi Glow tonic review

I've been such a skincare fanatic lately, so after hearing over and over and over again about how amazing the Pixi Glow Tonic is, I broke and finally ran to Target for a bottle. I wasn't so sure in the beginning that it would work as well for me, since I have dry, yet blemish-prone skin, and most of the reviews we're by people with oily skin, but I've become a believer! 

You might be thinking "Toner? Aren't those a little outdated?" and if this was just a toner, you'd be right (Toner was created to balance skin pH after cleansing, but now a'days cleaner is perfectly balanced) But this Glow Tonic gently exfoliates with glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells. And if now you're thinking "Acid? Ouch!" you'd again be totally wrong! It's gentle enough to use twice daily, and has aloe vera and fructose to sooth, firm, and moisturize skin! 

And as if that wasn't good enough, it also contains witch hazel to fade existing acne marks and discoloration, while working to prevent future breakouts (Um... YES) I've been using it for almost two months now, twice daily, (trying both the liquid, and the pre-soaked pads) and I can honestly say my skin looks clearer, brighter, I'm noticing less acne and smoother texture, and I've even been going without any foundation some days because my skin just looks THAT GOOD!

So guess what? Dry, oily, combination, whatever you're skin type, this little gem will help clear up those breakouts, acne marks, bumpy skin, dry patches, dullness, everything! Give it a test yourself, and let me know what you think!!