10 Ways Living In New York Changes Your Style

10 Ways Living In New York Changes Your Style

In honor of NYFW kicking off today, I though it would be fun to share a few style quirks that make a native New Yorker stand out day-to-day. Obviously since it's Fashion Week, everyone from the thousands of celebrities, fashion bloggers, editors, etc that pour into the city, to the regular Manhattanite will be stepping up thier style, but when it's not Fashion Week, we're a little more practical and predictable when it comes to dressing.  Here are a few ways your style changes once you become a New Yorker:

1. Investing in a pair of sneakers, because we walk an average of 5 miles per day (or more)

The only modes of transportation in The Big Apple consist of cabs, subways, and your own two feet. And with the latter two being the more popular, and cost-effective options, we New Yorkers often end up walking way more than most other people. Because of that, you'll see the majority of professional New Yorkers wearing a pair of sneakers to-and-from work, and switching into nicer shoes after arriving (or not. hence the sneaker + suit trend for men).


2. Investing more money into shoes in general, because they HAVE to be comfortable

Those super cute heels that hurt after just two hours? You'll never wear them again. New Yorkers believe in spending a few more pennies on footwear that is fashionable, and comfortable for 10+ hours of almost constant walking. 

3. Carrying a large tote, because there's no way you can fit your lunch, heels, book, umbrella, wallet, half your makeup bag, and everything else, in a crossbody

Other people take for granted being able to stash things in their cars during the day. Well we carry everything. Hence, most ladies (and a large portion of gentlemen) carry a large tote or messenger so they can fit everything they need throughout the day. 

4. Wearing a lot less makeup because there's little time, and big sunglasses

Since moving here, it's been 5 minute makeup and out the door. There's no time for a 4-eyeshadow contoured eye or getting that liner perfect. New Yorkers don't have time for that.

5. Always keeping large sunglasses and headphones in your bag because that's the only way to get privacy

Half of the time there's no music playing in my headphones, but it ensures that no one will be bothering me during my 30 minute walk to work. Plus, a large pair of sunglasses allows you to people-watch around you without making awkward eye contact. 

6. Wearing WAY more black (and often entirely black) because it makes outfit-picking SO much easier

Stereotypical? Yes. Completely true? Also yes. Black-on-black is a time honored New York tradition, and makes getting ready in the morning incredibly easy. Plus, it generally translates easily to after-work plans, so there's no need to change!

7. Wearing 17 layers, because the weather and indoor conditions vary from 20 degrees to 80 on any given day, and can start pouring rain with no notice.

It's 33 degrees outside, your office is boiling hot, and it's supposed to pour down raining at 3pm? awesome. Time for some strategic layering. 


8. Having to check the weather, night-out plans, and consult a psychic before picking out an outfit

We never really know what the day will hold, but we carefully choose clothing based on our plans for the entire day (and night) at the wee hour of 7 or 8 am. 

9. Fully embracing the puffer coat, because it's too dang cold here

From November to March, every person will be in some variation of a marshmallow-man down puffer coat. Are they super stylish? No. Do I care when it's snowing and the wind is 20 mph? Not at all. This is probably the most essential winter item you can have besides tech-gloves. 

10. Not being afraid to wear whatever the heck you want, because you can be as over-the-top or under-the-radar as you want and no one cares

Want to wear leggings, a Tshirt, and sneakers everyday? Go for it. Want to wear a sequin jumpsuit and platform stilettos, more power to you. There's every type of person in this city. So whether you look like your going to the gym, or New York Fashion Week, no one really cares that much. 



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