April Favorites

Donald J Pliner Ellis mini croc leather block heel mule sandals
Donald J Pliner Ellis pebbled black leather block heel mule sandals

Donald J Pliner Mules

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I have been LIVING in these shoes every since they arrived! They're crazy comfortable, SO cute, and dress up even a basic T-shirt and jeans. The black is easy and matches everything, and the red adds a punch and earns tons of compliments! Check out my full post on these DJP beauties HERE!

Everything Glossier

I've already raved about favorites like the stretch concealer and haloscope, but after recently getting a little fed-up of a million products cluttering my bathroom, I decided to try simplifying and ordered the Phase 1 Set and Skin Tint. My skin has never been amazing, but I'm hoping that by easing up on makeup and focusing on skincare, maybe i'll see a miracle! Stay tuned! If you haven't tried Glossier products yet (where have you been?) Click HERE to get 20% off your first order!

J.Crew Spring Collection

J.Crew Spring Collection

Bubble-gum pink cotton shorts with a bow? A ruffle off-the-shoulder bodysuit in 3 different colors? Gorgeous earrings as far as the eye can see? YES, YES, and YES!

I'm in love with just about everything in the new collection, and it's arrived just in time for the warm weather! 

Other favorites have to be the pink Edit bag, Pink suede ankle wrap heels, (which also come with an embroidered toe!!) and these Jackie O-esque sunnies!

Pixi Face Mists

Skincare has been one of my favorite areas to play around in lately, so you can imagine my excitement when a box of face mists showed up on my doorstep! Pixi recently came out with these four formulas, all for different times!

First is the Vitamin Wakeup Mist, which is so refreshing to spray on early in the morning, and then I use the Makeup Fixing and Glow Mists after makeup to set and add a dewy glow! The last one is a Hydrating Milk, which I use as the last step in my skincare at night to seal in all that moisture!

dvf book.jpg

Quay Australia French Kiss Sunnies

Quay is a sunglass company that makes quality sunglasses at much cheaper than designer brands. They're kind of unique in that they sit in that "middle range" for sunglasses (not cheepo $5 sunnies, but not an insane $400 Celine pair). I got the French Kiss pair, and they're one of my new favorites! The glasses range from $45-$60 a pair, are incredibly cute and you can buy them at Nordstrom!

The Woman I Wanted To Be - Diane von Furstenburg

If there's one benefit to long subway commutes, it's having time to sit and read a book (can't check instagram on an underground train). DVF's book is filled with her entire life story from her mother's startling past, her childhood, loves, career, and what life lessons made her the woman she is today. It's an amazing read and I highly recommend it! You can get it HERE




January Favorites

January Favorites

First Favorites of the year! I can't believe the first month of 2017 is already gone! In the true spirit of January, (aka: get your life together month) this month has been all about healthy habits, fresh new scents, makeup, and the one book that I've been devouring page by page, and recommending to anyone who will listen! 

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November Favorites

Pixi makeup melting cleansing cloths, pixi glow tonic pads, j.crew bandana, milk makeup cream bronzer, essie penny talk, j.crew statement earrings

This month's favorite seem to mostly revolve around accessories and skincare! I've been cutting back on the makeup-wearing lately, so I suppose this assortment makes perfect sense, though I do have one little treat in there that's a true gem! Check out what I've been loving this month below! 


Pixi Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths

When it comes to skincare, Pixi is my new obsession. Besides their magical glow tonic, I've been loving their cleansing cloths to wipe away the majority of makeup before washing my face (Double-cleanse ladies! One step does not get it all off!) These are super gentle and do not irritate my skin at all!

Pixi Glow Tonic Pads

I'm sure I've raved plenty about Pixi's Glow Tonic, but lets be real, I'm very lazy, and having these pre-soaked pads makes life so much easier! Even better, if your traveling, you can throw just a few of them in a ziplock bag and save a ton of space (and get them through TSA no problem!) 

j.crew bandana and statement earrings

J.Crew Bandanas

My favorite accessory finally makes the favorites list. I'm sure you've seen these in a million style posts like Brooklyn Haze, and Wilderness Knot, but they continue to be the piece I throw with every outfit again and again!

J.Crew Statement Earrings

And my other staple accessory, huge earrings. These pink ones are the most recent addition to my collection, although I have the same pair in yellow, and about 10 others on rotation. It's so easy to take a simple T-shirt and jeans to a chic outfit by just popping on a pair of these!

milk makeup cream contour, essie penny talk

Milk Makeup Cream Bronzer

Being on the fairer side, it's difficult to find a bronzer that doesn't look like I rubbed dirt across my face, but this super easy cream one by Milk Makeup is amazing for a ton of skin tones! For the lighter ladies, a small amount applied with fingertips and blended in with a brush works beautifully, and tanner skin tones can just build up the color and then blend out! 

Essie Penny Talk

My two obsessions: nail polish and anything copper. Put them together and I've dies and gone to heaven! This shade looks so cute all over the nail, or as an accent on top of a different shade! Might I suggest Eternal Optimist or Ladylike?

August Favorites

August Favorites

Morning, Lovelies! I apologize for the lack of posting the past two weeks. I was on vacation in Cancun (mini travel vlog coming soon!) and moving back into college in Manhattan (dorm tour also coming soon!) and it was just too crazy to keep up my normal schedule. But now that I'm settled in, things can get back to normal! With that said, here's this month's favorites!

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June Favorites

I can't believe June is already over! This summer is flying by, and since it's somehow already the end of the month, it's time for another monthly favorites! I decided to do a video this month instead of my regular blog post, so tell me what you think below! Regular blog post, videos, or maybe both? 



March Favorites

March Favorites

Spring is finally budding, and with that has come the transition from boots, pants, and dark colors, into sandals, skirts, and bright pastels! This month, I've had fun playing around with some brighter nail polishes, fun rings, and gorgeous new sandals!

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February Favorites

February Favorites

This month was full of rediscoveries and a few new favorites. February was all about pretty neutrals and muted colors to transition from winter to spring! First up, these gorgeous shades from Essie! I've been loving rotating and mixing these three for an understated but fresh mani. Imported Bubbly (left) has a beautiful pearl-effect on the nail, and looks amazing paired with Mochachino (right) which is a pretty light brown with tiny light-reflecting particles in it. Sugar Daddy (center) is the ultimate natural color. It adds just a slight polished pink to the nail, and pulls together whatever look you're wearing without drawing too much attention. 

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January Favorites

Grace Coddington Memoir, Stella and Dot Eva Ear jacket, Benefit tinted lash primer, LUSH cosmetics cup o' coffee facial mask and scrub, anastasia beverly hills contour palette, kopari sheer coconut oil

It was so hard to narrow down just a few favorites for this month! Between all the amazing gifts I received for Christmas, and new products I've been trying out, it was a very difficult decision! So here's a bit of beauty, an amazing book, and just a touch of fashion that I've loved this month!

Benefit tinted lash primer, LUSH cosmetics cup o' coffee facial mask and scrub, kopari sheer coconut oil

We'll start off with the bulk of the beauty. I've been all about going back to natural products lately. The Kopari Sheer Coconut oil is amazing as a makeup remover, moisturizer, nail oil, and split-end saver. Next up is the LUSH Cosmetics Cup o' Coffee facial scrub and mask. This little powerhouse of caffeinated-goodness perks up your skin, (bye bye dark circles) and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft! Finally, the Benefit Tinted Lash Primer has totally changed my lash game! I use that as a base coat under the L'Oreal Million Lashes mascara, or alone if it's a natural makeup day. 

Grace Coddington Memoir, anastasia beverly hills contour palette

Two awesome things I got for Christmas made the final cut. My grandmother gave me a few books, and one of them was Grace Coddington's Memoir. I'm only about half way through it, but so far its full of funny and insightful stories about her childhood and early career. Such a good read. Next up, the Anastasia Contour Palette in light to medium. I was super skeptical of a contour palette because my skin is so fair, put this one is very easy to blend, and not too dark!

Stella and Dot eva ear jacket

Finally, we have these little gems, the Eva Ear Jacket from Stella and Dot! My sister gave them to me for Christmas, and I'm absolutely obsessed with them! The set comes with two pairs of studs and one jacket back, so you can wear the studs alone or either one with the jacket. Too cute!! Check them out in my Speckled Grey and Bright Poppy style posts.