4 Summer Commuter Essentials


There's nothing quite like being jammed on a crowded subway car with broken AC at 9 AM in the 95 degree, 90% humidity heat of summer. New York is SO glamorous. Well to help get throguh the opressive heat, and stay cool, comfy, and pulled together, I have a few tricks:

1. Heatwave Bag

I keep a pink Glossier pouch full of essentials in my bag so that no matter the temp, there's always a quick fix. Best things to fill it with: Mini deoderant, this face mist, q-tips with pre-soaked makeup remover for any smudged makeup, oil blotting sheets, and your fave perfume in a rollerball!

2. Comfy Commute Shoes

Even if your job requires a heel or formal shoe, there's no reason to be uncomfortable on your commute! Grab a solid pair of cute sneakers (these are my faves) and run all over town without killing your ankles!

3. Big Sunglasses

There's so many reasons for this one...Summer sun shining in your eyes, trying to fall asleep on the subway, people watching on the subway, etc. Grab a pair of the biggest sunnies you can find!

4. Primer + Mist

This duo has been my SAVIOR through this summer heat! Pop on the primer before any makeup (or just alone!) for SPF + oil control + protection against city air pollution, and then finish at the very end with Chill setting spray to keep your makeup cool and in-place all day!



LifeAudra Koch