Quiz: Which Fashion Week Should You Attend Based On Your Style?

Quiz: Which Fashion Week Should You Attend Based On Your Style?

NYFW has officially begun, and to kick off Fashion Month, I’ve pulled together a fun style quiz so you can find out which Fashion Week best fits your style!

Take the quiz below, and then scroll down for a little inspiration, the best new trends for each city, and affordable options you can rock whether you’re attending Fashion Week or not!

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New York

You’re ahead of all the trends, and willing to try absolutely anything. You thrive on the electric energy of the city that never sleeps, and are always changing up what you’re wearing to your mood. For this season try styling a Midi Skirt + Tall Boots, a Powersuit, and Statement Headbands



You’re the hopeless romantic of your group. Anything that looks like it came from the closet of Marie Antoinette or Blair Waldorf, you are all over. Paris Fashion Week is the place for you to sip a coffee and admire the glittering array of romanticism that is French fashion, but if you can’t make it in person, try styling Statement Sleeves, Neck Bows, and Pearl Accessories so that you can be French wherever you are.



You’re the practical and classic one, but with a spark beneath the posh exterior. You stick to the tried and true silhouettes, but aren’t afraid to punch it up with a bold color or accessory. London is the place to be for that clash of high brow and high fashion. For this season, try Statement Coats, Updated Plaid, and Silk Neck Scarves.



You’re the flashy one of the group. All that glitters is gold, and all that’s gold you have to have. Milan is the place where Italy’s most luxurious show, and where la vita bella is sipping a glass of Chianti, dressed head to toe in Prada. If you can’t make it to l’Italia, try styling Scarf Print, Strappy Sandals, and Chain Belts this season!

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