LORAC Skinny Palette - Black

One of the things I picked up from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was this lovely LORAC Skinny Palette in Black. I haven't tried very many things from LORAC, but a friend of mine raved about their shadows, so I thought I would give this one a go!

Almost all of the colors are highly pigmented, except for the lightest shade, which matches my skin tone exactly (and makes it very hard to see). I've only started playing around with the colors, but the first, third, and fourth shadows make a lovely matte, contoured eye. (It does bother me a bit that they don't have names, but oh well). All of the shadows are highly pigmented, (yay!) and are mostly classic shades that can work for a huge range of skin tones. The black makes a fantastic liner, and I'm not sure if I'll get much use out of the purple, but maybe I'll be surprised!

Overall, it's a very nice quality palette and would be particularly good for traveling!

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