FIT Florence: 7 Things To Do Before You Leave

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The months leading up to studying abroad can be so stressful. Trying to anticipate everything you'll need and what to do to prepare can bring up so much anxiety! Take a few deep breaths and relax, know that it will all be okay. There are lots of things you can't control, but there are also a few great things you can do to prepare!

I rounded up opinions from a bunch of people I studied abroad with, and here's the list we came up with on things you can do to prepare before you study abroad!

1. Doctor

If you take a prescription, you'll probably need a doctor's approval on getting a full 5 months supply, plus if you plan on traveling somewhere like Morocco, you might need a few extra vaccines! Also not a bad idea to get your dentist visit in before you leave, as this is not covered under the school insurance. 

2. Bank

Make sure you tell you bank you're traveling abroad (or they might lock your card!) and ask about any international transaction / ATM fees you might need to know about! You could also consider opening a credit card with no international fees like Capital One Journey. 

Plus, super important!! Set up text alerts for every time your card is used. Card fraud / stolen numbers are SO common in Europe and this will alert you immediately if anyone has stolen your card number!

3. Beauty / Health 

Grab a 5 month supply of your favorite skincare and makeup, PLUS, Advil, NyQuil and any other over the counter meds (Italy won't have the same brands and they're EXPENSIVE) and I even brought tampons! 

4. Euros

Make sure to grab a few Euros before hopping on the plane! You can do this at your bank or at the airport before you leave (probably cheaper at the bank!) I'd recommend getting at least 50-80 euros

5. Phone

Make sure your phone is unlocked so that you can put in an Italian SIM card! You can usually ask by just calling your carrier's customer service number. And I'd also recommend taking a second cheap flip-phone or old smartphone in case yours gets lost or stolen (which is unfortunately very common). 

6. Travel Journal

Make a list of all the places you want to go, and maybe prioritize your top 5. That way, you can find people who also want to go there and plan a trip early on! But don't be afraid to travel alone either, my solo trip to Paris was one of my absolute favorites!!

7. Take In Everything

You won't be the same person when you come back from studying abroad. It changes you in ways you can't yet imagine (for the better!!) so just take a minute to pause and reflect on your life right now and prepare for the adventure ahead!!

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