My Everyday Acessories

everyday accessories

I have a ton of Style posts with great, sometimes over-the-top accessories (and if we're being real, my statement earring collection has no rival) but do I dress like this every single day? Unless I'm going to work, no. If it's a day of school, homework, errands, etc, you'll find me in pixie pants (let's be honest, they're thick leggings with a fancy name) a comfy shirt, and some fairly basic accessories. Though these do get mixed into my more flashy wardrobe, so I'm generally wearing them every day!

Watches - JORD Ebony Watch & Vintage Leather Citizen

You might recall I partnered with JORD not too long ago, and I still adore this large-face black wooden watch from them. It's masculine (several of my guy friends have tried stealing it), yet looks so cool paired with a skirt and heels. When I'm not wearing that one, I pop on my other favorite, a vintage Citizen (similar)that was my father's in the 80's (there's a theme here... watch out future husband) It's a super comfortable worn leather with a square face that makes it so unique from other watches!

Necklace - James Avery Charm Necklace

For my high school graduation, I got this little monogrammed silver Texas necklace from a family member (similar), and then for Christmas last year, my Mother gave both my sister and I a little charm that says "I love you more"which I added. I usually wear this necklace everyday, even underneath whatever chunky sweater I'm wearing in the winter! I love how both charms connect me to home, and it's my favorite piece of jewelry that I own.

Earrings - Pearls

Simple and sweet. If I'm not wearing an enormous statement earring, I'll pop in a pair of medium-size pearls. They add a level of polish to a simple outfit, and it honestly feels weird if I don't wear them. 

Perfume - Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber

A while ago, I set out to find a "signature scent", and after smelling the entire perfume floor of Saks, I landed on Jo Malone's Earl Grey & Cucumber. It's refreshing, season-less, feminine without being too feminine. Several friend's have actually said they now think of me whenever they smell it, haha! I will definitely be upgrading to the huge bottle once I finish this smaller one!



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