6 Stylish Girls to Follow on Instagram

6 Stylish Girls to Follow on Instagram - Hillheady, justGigi, tatumerinmurray, kaylamaryly, simplyaudreekate, katherineinmanhattan

Does everyone spend as much time on Instagram as I do? Admittedly, I'm so guilty of checking it first thing in the morning, and last thing before bed (and a million times throughout the day) and I love following a ton of incredibly stylish girls to pull outfit inspiration from! Of course, there are some of the bigger bloggers I love like Style Lobster, Atlantic // Pacific, and Amelia Styles, but I wanted to show off a few smaller girls who deserve SO much more attention for thier amazing feeds!


Hillary KILLS me on a daily basis with her amazing style and pics of all the gorgeous high fashion she gets to see at work every day! (She's also one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet!) She puts together things that I would never even think of, and pulls them off flawlessly.

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I've been following Gigi for quite a while, and I love her relaxed but put together style. She also has a serious talent for putting colors together, and she's currently running around Rome and making me have some serious wanderlust! 

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Tatum is amazing both at dreamy fashion inspo, and some really dang good healthy food. She's vegetarian (I think? we're friends IRL so I should really know this...) and her blog has a great mix of fun fashion ideas, recipes, and just general life tidbits! 


I am obsessed with Katherine's style hands down. Those jeans with the yellow coat below KILL me every time. (I also saw her shooting pics on 5th Ave like a week ago but was too nervous to say hi... anyone else ever done that?) Anyway, she's got some pretty cool style tricks and outfit mixes so you should definietly hit that follow. 


This stylish bucket of bows and sparkles is also my old suitemate, and I miss this crazy girl! Her style is incredible (you can imagine my despair when she took her closet with her to Italy and I could no longer steal from it) Kay posts an amazing mix of fashion, her gorgeous drawings, and snapshots from her travels around Europe!


Audree has such a unique and interesting style. I'm always inspired by something she's wearing, and her print and pattern mixing is unrivaled! She's also how I found my current photographer (thanks girl!) and has a ton of amazing brunch photos if you live in NY and need some new places. 

If you know any girls on Insta who have amazing style, drop thier handle below! I love finding new girls to follow!!



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