15 Things I'm Thankful For

Audra Koch
Audra Koch
Audra Koch

Even though we're a little past Thanksgiving and heading into the crazy Holiday season, I wanted to take a quick moment and share a few of the many things I'm thankful for. I am incredibly blessed to have amazing people and opportunities in my life, and it's important to focus on all of the good things we have, instead of all the things we wish for. So without further adieu, here are 15 things I'm thankful for! Happy Holidays!!

  1. My family. Who have always been incredibly supportive and loving, and I get to see in 3 weeks!!
  2. My big sis Emma, whose always there for encouragement or a reality-check (;
  3. My Home. I'm grateful to be raised a Texan, and love my hometown of Houston!
  4. My amazing friends! Texas friends, New York friends, Study Abroad friends, Blogger friends, all of them!!
  5. That I get to study and live in New York City
  6. That I've gotten to study abroad in Florence, and travel Europe these past few months!
  7. Thankful for Nutella, always. 
  8. For my precious niece and nephew, who I can't wait to hug!!
  9. For all the cheap and delicious Chinese food in NY. Namely, Ramen-Ya and Vanessa's Dumplings
  10. For 2.5 years of Southern New Yorker! And counting!
  11. For my readers, sponsors, and supporters who make SNY possible!
  12. For finding new amazing food across Europe like Goulash in Austria, Escargot and Duck Comfit in France, Paella in Spain, and ALL the pasta in Italy!
  13. That moment when you make it through closing subway doors (NY'ers know what I'm taking about)
  14. Hummus. (and my Jewish friend Daphna who taught me how to say that properly)
  15. CATS. My roommates have yelled at me multiple times for picking up stray cats in Europe... oops (:



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