Glossier: Love it, Like it, Leave it

The Ultimate Guide To Glossier, Every Glossier product reviewed

Glossier is by far one of my favorite beauty brands. They’re the mecca of makeup for any gal who strives for that dewy, natural, lit-from-within look. Plus, since they’re a skincare-first brand, you know that every product is made with your skin in mind. I’ve tried almost every product they have, and today I’m laying them all out in three categories (Love it, Like it, ad Leave it) with mini-reviews! I thought it was just as important to talk about the products I DON'T like as much as the one's I love, so today we're getting real and raw about one of my favorite brands!

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Love it

These are my to-die-for, can’t live without, holy grail Glossier products that I will talk about to anyone who will listen! They’re the first ones I recommend when asked what to buy at Glossier!

Solution | Bar none my #1 skin secret. I use this ever single night after cleansing and it has transformed my skin. If you don’t believe me, see the photo proof here!

Stretch Concealer | The bags under my eyes are designer. Not really, but they’re there, except when this little hydrating angel comes in! It’s got solid medium-full coverage but without ever looking cakey, and is ultra-hydrating (but you can set with powder if you’re in a high-humidity place)

Milky Oil | I’m a waterproof mascara gal, so a good makeup remover that’s still gentle is essential. This stuff MELTS Makeup without having to scrub. A little shirt on a cotton pad is all you need to get off even the toughest eye makeup

Boy Brow | It’s a cult classic for a reason. This little wand tames and shapes brows for a model-off-duty effect, and has been in my makeup bag for years! I use it in combo with a brow pencil for my signature Cara Delevingne - esque brows

Milky Jelly Cleanser | Another daily essential, this jelly cleanser melts off makeup and cleans without any tough scrubbing! Enough said.

Colorslide | Colorful eyeliner is my favorite makeup of the moment. It’s the easiest way to make casual, everyday makeup and add a punch of color and fun! Colorslide is the best colored liner I’ve found to date. It goes on like butter, has super opaque pigment, and won’t budge during the day! Try something easier like their dark teal, or go all out with a vivid orange!

Lidstar | I call this gem ‘eyeshadow for dummies’. There are no brushes involved, all you do is put a little on your lids with the wand, and pat into your lids with your ring finger. DONE. My favorite shade is definitely Cub, but Fawn is super versatile, and can be worn very sheer during the day, and becomes a Smokey eye with one more application at night!

Haloscope | The best friend of every girl who loves that dewy/wet look. I tend to only use haloscope when I’m wearing my hair up (which is always) because it does stay wet for most of the day. But in the summer months you’ll find me applying this ALL OVER. Cheekbones, chin, forehead, & nose! If you’re more of the matte-look gal, try Niteshine instead!

Balm Dotcom | My most dependable friend. I have one in every purse, in my bathroom, by my bed, on my desk at the office, you get it. It’s long-lasting, super hydrating, and comes in tons of flavors and a couple tints! (I’m super partial to the Coconut and Birthday Cake)

Wowder | I hate powder. Let me say that again, I h.a.t.e. powder. But this magic little puff sets under eye concealer (and anywhere else you put it) like a dream, is practically translucent, and doesn’t make me feel like I should be in a Marie Antoinette period piece. Definitely a must-have!

the ultimate guide to glossier, reviews of all glossier products

Like it

These are solid staples that I always have in my makeup / skincare arsenal, but are either dependent on your makeup taste, or their just not quite perfect.

Priming Moisturizer | I’ve used this moisturizer for almost two years now, and it’s good! Do I think it’s wildly better than any other moisturizer? No, but it pairs perfectly with my other skincare and it’s a solid staple.

Perfecting Skin Tint | This skin tint is actually a great product, and I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like much coverage, but just wants a little evening-out and a little glow. The only reason it’s on my ‘like’ list is because I prefer a bit more coverage, but if you’re a more au naturale gal, go for it!

Cloud Paint | The colors are beautiful and melt into the skin for a natural flush, my only drawback is that they don’t last all day. They’ll fade after about 3-4 hours of wear, but they’re small enough to carry with you and easy to reapply if you’re in love with the colors!

Lash Slick | This mascara is fantastic at lengthening and defining the lash, however, does lack in the volume department. I use this one first to get serious length and separation, and then do a second coat with a volumizing mascara for Twiggy-esque lashes!

Generation G | If you’re a low-maintenance, lip-balm-and-go type of gal, Gen G would be great for you! It’s hydrating and has a hint of color, but is light enough to keep in your bag and swipe on whenever. The only reason it makes my ‘like’ list is because I’m an opaque, matte lipstick kinda gal.

Niteshine | For those who aren’t into the super-dewy / wet Haloscope, this highlighter is your best friend. A couple dabs on the cheekbones are all you need for a pretty, subtle glow. Or you can layer it on and make those cheekbones pop for a night out!

Invisible Shield | Invisible Shield was the first gel-sunscreen I ever tried, and it was revolutionary. Gels sit so much better under makeup, and won’t give a weird white cast, however, I did find that Glossier’s gel formula pilled a bit as I put foundation on.

Leave it

No one can be perfect, and these few products are ones that just didn’t hit the mark for me. If you’ve tried and love these, let me know in the comments!

The Supers | I was so excited about the Supers when they came out. Serums were all the rage, I had horrible acne and redness, and so I grabbed all three as fast as I could. Sadly, Pure did nothing to make my acne go away, and Bounce and Glow really didn’t seem to do anything either. Unfortunately, I have to put these three on the Leave It list

Bubblewrap | Another one that I was thrilled about when it launched, I was already using a combo Undereye/Lip balm stick from Drunk Elephant, but decided to replace it with Bubblewrap since I love Glossier. Unfortunately, the consistency is a bit odd, and it’s not quite as easy to apply or travel friendly as a stick form, so I’m putting Bubblewrap on the Leave It list and sticking with the DE Lippe Balm.

Lip vinyl | Glossier does a lot of products REALLY well, but I think this one fell a little flat. The felt-tip is a little weird, and hard to get a precise application, and it’s not all that long-lasting. There are just so many color lip products that are so much better, I can’t fully recommend this one.

Glitter Gelée | Since I adore their Lidstars, I expected to fall head over heels for their glitter gelée’s as well. I think I was expecting them to be a glitter-eyeshadow, but they’re really more of a glitter to go on top of eyeshadow. They’d definitely work layered on top of a lidstar, but alone, they fall a little flat.

Haven’t Tried It!

Shocking, I know, but I haven’t actually tried every Glossier product on the market, these are ones I haven’t gotten around to, but I’ll add in their reviews once I do! In the meantime, let me know what you think about them in the comments!

Zit Stick

Body Hero

Brow Flick

Priming Moisturizer Rich

Moisturizing Moon & Mega Greens Mask

What are your favorites, or ones that didn’t quite work for you?? Let me know in the comments below!



The Ultimate Guide To Glossier, Every Glossier product reviewed
The Ultimate Guide To Glossier, Every Glossier product reviewed
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