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Lazy Girl Chic

When the weather is starting to turn chilly, nothing is better than a cozy oversized sweater and fleece-lined tights. A soft long sleeve top and flats (love these!) keep it even more comfortable, while the skirt and pendent necklace (similar) make it look like you actually tried to look nice. Bonus! fishtail braiding your hair the night before means almost zero work in the morning! My kind of outfit!

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Check Yes

This morning I was greeted with a deer-in-headlights stare from my roommates, as I walked out of my room wearing JEANS. Actual denim pants. To be honest, the main reason for it was that none of my usual trousers or pants looked quite right with this J.Crew Vest (which I'm obsessed with). 

The vest is red and navy, so I threw this navy sweater (similar) underneath, and added a little sparkle with this crystal statement necklace (similar) from J.Crew Factory. Finally, I cuffed up the jeans and threw on my favorite brown ankle boots (similar)!

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