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January Favorites

First Favorites of the year! I can't believe the first month of 2017 is already gone! In the true spirit of January, (aka: get your life together month) this month has been all about healthy habits, fresh new scents, makeup, and the one book that I've been devouring page by page, and recommending to anyone who will listen! 

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What I got for Christmas!

I love watching these videos from my favorite bloggers each year, and I was so blessed to have gotten some amazing gifts from friends and family this Christmas, so I thought I would make a video of my own!

A million thank-you's to all my wonderful friends and family! I tried to link everything I showed down below, but I may have missed something!

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Book Club: Cass, Bronte, and Conrad

I have always been a bit of a bookworm, and I love tons of different types of books. Today I thought I would share a few titles that I have been particularly loving lately!

If you're a The Bachelor/Bachlorette fan, you will freak over this future-meets-fairytale novel! Dangerous love-triangles, conflicting feelings, and dystopian influences made this novel a huge hit in my view. I just finished Book 3: The One, and I can't wait to start Book 4! Kiera Cass has quickly become one of my favorite authors! (Also, can we take a moment to mention the covers? They're STUNNING. I have them all on my Kindle, but I almost wish I had them all hardcopy just for that!)

I absolutely adored these two reads by Lauren Conrad! Her effortless yet chic style has definitely become one of my inspirations. I swear I've read them both cover-to-cover 3 times!

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