Pale Girl Beauty Struggles And Ways To Fix Them

Every pale girl has known the struggle of being told they need to "get a tan" or "go outside more", only to find that they'll burn instantly without wearing SPF 70. We're cleverly nicknamed "Casper", and flash photography commonly turns us into a version of Lord Voldemort with better lipstick and eyelashes. 

Plus, when it comes to makeup trends, most looks that tan girls can pull off flawlessly look ridiculous on pale girls. Dark eye makeup looks goth, contours are always too warm and/or too dark, colorful makeup makes us look like circus clowns... etc... 

Better yet, most makeup companies don't even make foundations or concealers light enough for our skin tone, or when they do, they'll oxidize to a semi-orange shade by midday. (and don't even get me started on fake-tan. It's not worth risking becoming Oompa Loompa orange all over). 

But there are a few Pale Girl Problems that have easy fixes! Check out a few below:

Foundation Not Light Enough

Finding companies with complexion cosmetics in our shade range is the ultimate struggle. Especially finding ones that won't oxidize throughout the day! Right now, I've been bouncing back and forth between Glossier's Skin Tint in Light for daily use, and Wander Beauty's Flash Focus in fair for when I want more coverage. I've tested A LOT of foundations and concealers and below are a few other tried-and-true favorites that come in alabaster shades and won't oxidize. 

Heading To The Beach And You Look Like Casper

Let's be real, regular fake-tanners are pretty much out of the question, as are spray tans, and tanning beds are expensive and terrible for you! The only way I have ever found to get a summer glow is by mixing half Jergens Natural Glow lotion with any regular lotion (it's a little too potent on its own, but mixed 1/2 and 1/2 it's perfect!) I put it on every night a few days before a summer wedding and I was glowing! Love this stuff!

Face Suncreen Is Ruining Your Makeup

Most suncreens cast a chalky whiteness, or make your foundation pill up and then you have to re-do the whole thing, but sunscreen is essential for fair skinned girls. (wrinkles, aging, skin cancer, no thank you!!) Lucky for us, Glossier just released a gel-formula sunscreen that protects without casting any white shadow and won't pill up your makeup! This stuff is a must for all pale girls! 

Acne and Breakouts Are Super Obvious

Another lovely part of having fair skin is that acne and acne scars are WAY more obvious. The best way to fight that is of course trying to make sure they don't pop up in the first place. Ever since I've been using this system, my skin has been SO much better, and when a zit does manage to pop up, a little dab of this mini miracle makes it go away incredibly fast!

Want That "Smokey" Look Without Looking Goth

For pale girls, brown shades are your best friend. Going the black/grey route will make you look goth, so dabbing on a mid-brown all over and a darker tone for the crease is your best bet. Same rule applies for eyeliner! Brown, brown, brown!!



BeautyAudra Koch