My Current Makeup Bag

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I've gone through so many stages of makeup routines. From putting on a full contour and cat-eye every morning to going 'minimal' and wearing nothing but concealer and mascara, and everything in between. But the thing I love about makeup is there is no wrong answer (except blue eyeshadow or too-dark foundation, those are always no-no's). You can wear as much or as little, play around with bright colors or keep it neutral, whatever you want! 

But as much as I love plying with electric blue eyeliner and rose-gold glitter shadow, the 'everyday' look tends to stay pretty consistent. I makes doing makeup quick and easy every morning, and I love my little arsenal of multi-tasking makeup bits! So without further adieu, (or purple glitter highlighters) here's my go-to makeup bag: 


I always start with a good primer, since it makes all the rest of your makeup stay perfectly in place, and this one even has SPF and prevents dirt and air pollution from getting into your pores! Then I go in with a good lightweight foundation. I love this one because it's build-able, so you can have a very light coverage, or go full-flawless, whichever you feel like that day! Then I pat a little concealer underneath my eyes to cover up the fact that I was awake till 2AM watching New Girl. 

Then for a little definition I go in with this bronzer and blush. I love cream bronzers because they look so much more natural, and like the foundation, you can make it as subtle or dramatic as you like, totally up to you! Then I swipe in my holy-grail brow gel, and finish off everything with a setting spray! This one is super cool because it actively cools down your skin as sunlight hits it, making everything stay flawless even in the summertime! 


I will say, my need for eye makeup has plummeted since getting eyelash extensions, but before these, I was utterly addicted to layering this lengthening mascara underneath this volumizing one. A perfect duo! Now, I'll usually swipe on a shadow from this mini palette, and tightline my eyes with a khol liner. (If you haven't discovered tight lining, look into it! Life changer!)


A few of my favorites are:

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes or Rome

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria or Pillow Talk

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Coconut for a clear balm and Cherry for a sheer red tint

What are your go-to makeup bits?



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