Preparing to Go Platinum

Preparing to Go Platinum

1. Pick The Right Color

You would think there's only one or two shades, right? wrong. Like any hair color, there are many shades and variations. For platinum/white hair you can choose to be more yellow, grey, purple, or silver. I went with just a slight touch of golden blonde. Only enough that I wouldn't be completely white. 

If you're not sure, I would stick with whatever your natural tone is (warm vs cool). 

2. Prepare Your Hair

My biggest tip would be DO NOT wash your hair for at least 3 days before the appointment! The natural oils will protect your scalp and make it a lot less painful (bleach burning your head, no thank you!)

3. Always Go to a Professional

Yes, box-dye costs $10 and a professional costs $100+, but PLEASE think of the damage that boxed dye will do to your hair!! (not to mention the color-gone-horribly-wrong situation that very well could happen!) A professional will know how to best color and care for your locks and will use only top of the line products that will protect your hair from unnecessary damage!

4. Stock Up

Platinum blonde takes a lot of new products (as well as commitment) Check out my list of the Best Products for Bottle Blondes!

5. Learn to Tame the Roots

There will eventually come a time where you have a full inch of brown roots, and your appointment isn't for another week. So what do you do? Spray and Tease! I use Batiste Light and Blonde to cover a little color, and then lightly tease at the roots. (<-- Remember this!! It will come in handy!!)

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