Benefit They're Real vs Rollerlash Mascara

I've sworn by Benefit's They're Real mascara for over a year now, it's a fabulous product and I use it every single day. Recently however, there has been a  huge hype around their new mascara, Rollerlash, so I went out and got myself one to see what all the talk was about. After using it for  few weeks now, I can definitely tell a difference in the two mascaras, so here are my pros and cons

They're Real



Very Good Separation

Moderate Volume


Curl of lash falls throughout the day

Not enough thickening/volume



Fantastic Curl!

Curl holds throughout the day

thickening/ Volume 

Moderate Lenghthening


Needs more length

Not enough lash separation 

It really just depends on what you're looking for in your mascara, They're Real will give you great length and keep them separated, but Rollerlash gives a better curl and more volume. I've been using them together with Rollerlash as my first coat and They're Real as my second. All in all, I prefer They're Real but they are both fantastic mascaras and I highly recommend them!

What did you think of these mascaras? What are some of your other favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Audra

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