Sunday Coffee

This week has been crazy, but so much fun! Most of the week was just school and work, but Thursday morning I chopped off my long locks into a "lob" and then headed over to this amazing new lingerie brand that opened up their offices to shop, finally a Teen Vogue event for Neutrogena on Friday night, and now just relaxing for the weekend! 



My friend Emily (check out her blog, Coffee and Civility) got an internship with a super cool new brand called Lively, that blends lingerie and loungewear into one! I bought the black bralette and boy-shirt set with thick white bands (in the pic above) and I'm in love! They do all types of bras, underwear, and some really cute bodysuits!

Chop Chop

A little spur of the moment, but I'm in love! Between classes on Thursday I decided to be a little daring and chop off a full 8 inches of my hair into a short blunt "lob", and I'm so happy I did it!  


I teamed up with @teenvogue X @neutrogena to try out there amazing new light mask that gets rid of acne! #maskyoself

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Teen Vogue X Neutrogena

Friday night, Teen Vogue held an event launching Neutrogena's new light therapy acne mask, which is a literal plastic mask with red and blue lights inside that are supposed to reduce the appearance of acne. A ton of other cool NYC bloggers were there, and Olivia Holt sang an acoustic session of her new EP (this girl has got a stunning voice, seriously). I'll definitely check back on this strange but possibly amazing mask

Now the rest of the weekend will be spent working at my retail job and working on school projects! #exciting



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