August Wishlist - Dorm Edit

Morning, Lovelies! With the back-to-college days right around the corner, I wanted to put together a few fun school and dorm ideas and pieces, as well as a few of the random bits that I hadn't even thought of prior to moving in my freshman year! So take a scroll through and see if something sparks your interest, and check out the bottom for my random, and often forgotten, dorm essentials! And don't forget to check out my freshman dorm tour in FIT's Alumni Hall HERE!! (A sophomore dorm tour will be coming in a few weeks!)


Bedding can really be one of the most important things in your dorm, since the rooms are so small, and your bed takes up a lot of space! I love my grey and white bedspread by Plum & Bow at Urban Outfitters. Though my exact style isn't available anymore, Plum & Bow has a ton of pretty options (I love the one above!!) But don't underestimate Target, they have a TON of cute bedspreads and their pillow selection is fantastic! My favorite gold pillow came from there!


Most dorms don't have the best lights in the world, so in my opinion, multiple desk lamps and string lights are essentials. There are several options at craft or home improvement stores, but the best lights I've found are THESE from dormify! They're 27 feet of white cord and lights that are perfect for covering a dorm room! 


Obviously decor will be completely different for everyone, and I would recommend only buying a few things beforehand, so you can see your room layout, and decorate based on what the room looks like. But these odds-and-end are the most fun part! Below are a few bits that I adore! (Note: I already have those nesting boxes, and they're a double-hitter, since they're both decor and storage!!)

School Supplies

Again, one of my favorite categories! I'm obsessed with Kate Spade's new floral pattern, and a few other brands like Ban.doRifle Paper Co. and Sugar Paper make the cutest notebooks and desk accessories! Let's be honest, that 3-hour lecture is so much more fun when you have gold polka-dotted supplies and purple-ink pens!


Believe me, those cold vinyl dorm floors are not pleasant to step on first thing in the morning. You're going to want a soft shag rug to cover that up. I wholeheartedly recommend Target for a rug! They're decent quality under $100 and they even have a few cute ones! (my picks below!)

All the other random necessities 

This section is mainly for the random bits that I either 1. Am so grateful we thought of or 2. Wish I had had my freshman year, and will not be forgetting this year!

1. Mini steamer - I think I stole my roommates mini steamer at least once a week (Thanks Soob!) because there was no way I was going to class in a wrinkled dress. If you go to a more normal university which adopts the "T-shirt and nike's" uniform, then this might not be necessary, but for FIT students, it's a must!

2. Clothing rack - again, definitely more important for FIT students than others, but those dorm closets are TINY, and you're going to need more space. Add it to your list of things for you and your roomie to split! 

3. Huggable Hangers - to make that space stretch even further, huggable hangers do the trick! I bought about 100 black ones at the start of the school year, and I love them! (TIP: TJ Maxx has these for super cheap, and if you have to fly to college, wait to buy them until you're there!)

4. Brita Filter - New York tap water is very clean, but it's nice to have clean, cold water sitting in the fridge, ready to pour.

5. MATTRESS PAD- this is non-negotiable. Dorm room mattresses are NOT comfortable, and a mattress pad makes the world of a difference. I have one that's about 2", but two of my roomies had ones that were about 5" and their beds felt like clouds!

6. Shower caddy/rack/storage - what you'll need depends on your room type (traditional = caddy / apartment = storage) but either way, buy some sort of shower storage!!

7. Magazine Holders - these puppies are seriously SO handy for organizing notebooks and textbooks so they're not laying all over your room and they're easy to find when you need them!

8. Power strip - when you need to plug in string lights, a coffee maker, laptop, desk lamp, curling iron and who knows what else, these will be your saving grace (get 2-3!) 

If you have any questions about what to bring, FIT in general, or anything college-related, leave me a comment below or email me at!