April Goals

Recently I've been getting requests for more personal/lifestyle/etc type posts, so I'm adding a new little monthly post here on SNY! Every month I'' write a few small goals I have for myself, and at the end of the month, I'll add on an update to see whether I accomplished what I wanted to! I thought it would be a good way to keep y'all in the loop of my life (and fun for me to look back on later!)

  • Take a day to visit the Met - The Met is my favorite museam in New York, and I haven't been since last May! The Greek/Roman sculpture and European Impressionism gallaries are truely my happy place.
  • Save $500 for traveling in Europe - Since I'm studying abroad in the fall, I'll need some extra cash for weekend trips! (and daily gelato)
  • Read a book that isn't for school - Netflix is always so much more inviting, but I want to swap that out for a novel instead!
  • Cook something new every week (any ideas?) - I've been trying to pull some new pinterest recipes lately, and my goal is to try one new one every week! Suggestions are welcome and appreciated! 
  • Learn to shoot on Manual - I've always shot my blog photography on Auto, but it's time to buckle down and learn manual. 
  • Stop drinking soda all-together - Granted, I usually only have about 3-4 a week while at work (Darn you, breakroom vending machine) but I want to cut the soda out completely and stick to water, morning coffee, and tea. 
  • Visit a new place for brunch with the girls - I absolutely love my blogger brunch gang, and we're all trying to pick new and interesting spots every time we go out! Plus, I'll have more places for my NYC restaurant reviews

Let's see how I do!



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