April Favorites

Donald J Pliner Ellis mini croc leather block heel mule sandals
Donald J Pliner Ellis pebbled black leather block heel mule sandals

Donald J Pliner Mules

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I have been LIVING in these shoes every since they arrived! They're crazy comfortable, SO cute, and dress up even a basic T-shirt and jeans. The black is easy and matches everything, and the red adds a punch and earns tons of compliments! Check out my full post on these DJP beauties HERE!

Everything Glossier

I've already raved about favorites like the stretch concealer and haloscope, but after recently getting a little fed-up of a million products cluttering my bathroom, I decided to try simplifying and ordered the Phase 1 Set and Skin Tint. My skin has never been amazing, but I'm hoping that by easing up on makeup and focusing on skincare, maybe i'll see a miracle! Stay tuned! If you haven't tried Glossier products yet (where have you been?) Click HERE to get 20% off your first order!

J.Crew Spring Collection

J.Crew Spring Collection

Bubble-gum pink cotton shorts with a bow? A ruffle off-the-shoulder bodysuit in 3 different colors? Gorgeous earrings as far as the eye can see? YES, YES, and YES!

I'm in love with just about everything in the new collection, and it's arrived just in time for the warm weather! 

Other favorites have to be the pink Edit bag, Pink suede ankle wrap heels, (which also come with an embroidered toe!!) and these Jackie O-esque sunnies!

Pixi Face Mists

Skincare has been one of my favorite areas to play around in lately, so you can imagine my excitement when a box of face mists showed up on my doorstep! Pixi recently came out with these four formulas, all for different times!

First is the Vitamin Wakeup Mist, which is so refreshing to spray on early in the morning, and then I use the Makeup Fixing and Glow Mists after makeup to set and add a dewy glow! The last one is a Hydrating Milk, which I use as the last step in my skincare at night to seal in all that moisture!

dvf book.jpg

Quay Australia French Kiss Sunnies

Quay is a sunglass company that makes quality sunglasses at much cheaper than designer brands. They're kind of unique in that they sit in that "middle range" for sunglasses (not cheepo $5 sunnies, but not an insane $400 Celine pair). I got the French Kiss pair, and they're one of my new favorites! The glasses range from $45-$60 a pair, are incredibly cute and you can buy them at Nordstrom!

The Woman I Wanted To Be - Diane von Furstenburg

If there's one benefit to long subway commutes, it's having time to sit and read a book (can't check instagram on an underground train). DVF's book is filled with her entire life story from her mother's startling past, her childhood, loves, career, and what life lessons made her the woman she is today. It's an amazing read and I highly recommend it! You can get it HERE




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