10 Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate

10 Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate - Southern New Yorker

Finding a roommate for college is nerve-wracking! Will you get along? What with they be like? But if you have the benefit of finding a roommate prior to picking your housing, awesome! Join a Facebook group for your class, message someone, and see if y'all would be compatible! Here are a few questions to ask that will give you a better understanding of what they're like, and if you would make good roommates:

1. Would you consider yourself a clean or messy person?

Pretty self-explanatory. Neat-freaks find it difficult to live with slobs and vice-versa. Make sure you and your potential roommate are on the same page about your cleanliness-level.

2. How do you feel about sharing? (clothes, food etc.)

Most roommies and I are pretty close and don't mind sharing basic food items (bread, milk, cereal) and if you two are the same size and style, ask her about sharing clothes, but always ask before you borrow anything, and never eat her takeout leftovers! No Exceptions! 

3. What types of extra-curriculars / jobs / etc do you plan on being involved in?

Is she in sports? Does she want to join a sorority? Will she have a part-time job? What are her interests? These are all important to know since they affect when and how much she'll be in the dorm. Plus, you might have a few common interests that will spark conversation!

4. Are you a night-owl or a morning person?

Nine times out of ten you're going to get a night-owl. Most college students are not prone to be early-risers. But believe me, sleep schedules can greatly affect a roommate relationship. If you're trying to go to bed while she needs to stay up studying for a final, there may be some disagreements. (Note: this issue can usually be solved by a sleeping mask

5.  What's your opinion on drinking/smoking?

This is a very important one! If you're the type that can't be around a someone who drinks or smokes, you need to know immediately if they are. 

6. How often do you think you'll have visitors?

This can span anything from having friends in the room to "night-visitors" if you catch my drift. Very important to know if you're uncomfortable with lots of people, or having an unwanted male guest.

7. Do you prefer the room hot or cold?

Not really a make-it or break-it question, but it's a small thing that really makes a difference! If your roommate needs an arctic tundra to sleep but you're used to a burning hot room, it might be a little difficult to agree.

8.  How do you study?

Does she need absolute silence, or is music/TV in the background okay? Let her know how you study best so that you can respect each others needs. 

9. What's your favorite music, food, TV show, anything!

Finding common interests is important to how ya'll will connect. Do you both love Grey's Anatomy? Awesome! Into the same band? Perfect! Find little things like that to give each other some common ground.

10 . Should we decorate with a theme/color palette?

Okay, so it's not crucial, but if you think you're clicking as roommies than start talking dorm decor! it's one of the most fun parts, and having a girl to decorate with can be so much fun!